Freebord vs. Flowboard … both have their place

September 11, 2006 at 12:18 am (boardsports, Uncategorized)

Not much to report on the Art Life Collective t-shirt design front — been too busy moving the newspaper into our new building, a real contemporary/deco facility: It makes me so proud.

Also, continue to nail the slopes on the Freebord. I may never go back to traditional longboarding again. Naw, there are still some places my Sector 9 works better than the Freebord, but still, when it comes to carving long hills and controlling speed, being able to link slides and ride into switch is the best way to go. For someone who has a buch of experience on things like wake boards and an early verison of wakeskates — standing on a hydroslide — but no experience snowboarding, learning to Freebord is a ton of work.

Until you master it — and the guys at are right, it takes loads of practice — it is much more dangerous than a regular long board. But, once you get it down, being able to stop and control speed makes it a much safer way to carve up a hill — that’s especially true since I shattered my arm in a fall four months ago and there is no way in hell my hand will ever take enough weight again to slow my longboard with slide gloves.

That being said, we also got our Flowboard last week, a 36-incher, so my kids could do some serious carving. They want to ride the hills with me but don’t have the experience or the weight to manage a Freebord or safely carve on the Sector 9. Because of the Deep Carve System is based on the angle of the board and does not need weight to push the bushings to one side or the other, even my 6-year-old can carve the steepest hills with me. Lots of fun. The board turns on a dime but because of the multi-wheel design, it keeps speeds reasonable and carving easy.

Also of note, the Flowboard is much easier to ride — almost like a regular skateboard — than some of the other hybrids like the Freebord. I still prefer the Freebord ride, but having both boards in our quiver is a blast.

No stupid criminals to report — I have been way too busy to go through the police reports the reporters bring in.



  1. Aaron said,

    Really enjoyed your comparison of the Freebord vs the Flowboard. I’ve been searching for days for a descent review of both but all I find are Freeborders who hate the flowboard and vice-a-versa. Very nice. Thanks.

  2. keith said,

    Appreciate your comparison.. at least i know to get a flowboard for my kids to start off instead of freebord.

  3. myspoonistoobig said,

    Flowboard is definitely a good starter board for gentle carving. Can’t say I would recommend any steep hills with one. Also, the flowboards are heavy, so if your kids are small, you might want to actually go with a mid-size longboard — check out Sector 9, they have some decent decks that won’t kill the budget.

  4. Alex said,

    I own both and I havnt touched my flowboard in 6 years, I got my freebord about 8 months ago and cant stay off it. It has a steep learning curve which is a turnoff for younger children but the feeling it gives when riding is unparalleled. And for the freeborders hating flowboarders ofcourse there are some ***holes in every sport but every freeborder Ive meet is always friendly and there is a sort of bond that comes with the community. If you’re atall intrested in a freebord, get one. If the flowboard does it for you by all means to each his own, but anybody that is big enough to fit in the bindings should give it a try.

  5. Brock said,

    Hey, I know this is an old post, but I just wrote up a pretty comprehensive article about the differences between freebords and flowbaords…check it out if you’re still interested!

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